Baldwin County Commission Mechanic II in Summerdale, Alabama

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: Performs skilled tasks in mechanical repair and maintenance of gasoline and diesel powered automotive and heavy equipment using standard practices and equipment of the automotive trade. Operates some heavy equipment. Must have a minimum of three (3) years mechanic experience. Must have a valid CDL Class B driver's license.ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Automotive Repair and Maintenance1.Analyzes, diagnoses and tunes engines including testing/cleaning/replacement of spark plugs, adjusting timing, valves, carburetor needle, replacement of coil, condenser, breaker points. 2.Removes and disassembles major units such as engine, transmission, differential; inspects parts for wear, and reassembles. 3.Repairs and replaces parts such as pistons, rods, gears and bearings. 4.Overhauls and replaces carburetors, generators, radiators, alternators, starters, distributors, and pumps. 5.Rewires ignition system, lights and instrument panels. 6.Turns drums, realigns and adjusts brakes, aligns front end, repairs or replaces shock absorbers. 7.Must have experience on air brake systems. 8.Must have experience on hydraulic systems. 9.Must be capable of trouble shooting electrical system. 10.Replaces and adjusts headlights, and installs or repairs accessories such as radios, heaters, mirrors and windshield wipers. 11.Performs additional repairs as needed.Heavy Equipment Repair and Maintenance1.Analyzes malfunctions, and repairs, rebuilds and maintains heavy construction equipment such as motor graders, backhoes, bulldozers, etc. 2.Replaces defective engines and subassemblies. 3.Replaces or repairs major components, attachments or implements such as blades, tracks, compressors, etc. 4.Must be capable of trouble shooting hydraulic system. 5.Must be capable of rebuilding hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic pumps. 6.Must be capable of trouble shooting and rebuilding power take off systems, hydraulic operated, air operated and electrical power take off units.Miscellaneous1.Welds to repair broken or cracked frames, bars, plates, and other metal objects on machinery. Fills holes and builds up metal parts. 2.Replaces batteries, hydraulic fluid, oil, antifreeze/coolant, etc. 3.Repairs or replaces tires. 4.Performs related mechanic duties as required. 5.Performs various duties including operation of equipment and some manual labor as needed. 6.Tests repaired equipment to ensure operating efficiency. 7.Supervises assistant mechanic and other area personnel performing equipment maintenance.