ANDERSON-ERICKSON DAIRY CO Apprentice Garage Mechanic in DES MOINES, Iowa

Candidates will be required to pass a mechanical aptitude test. Candidates must pass the test in order to begin the program.The program covers a six (6) year period. After four (4) years the apprentice will be moved into an Intermediate Mechanic position for a period of two (2) years.The apprentice will have a seventy (70) week qualification period and will be evaluated every ten (10) weeks. The apprentice must show continuous progress during the seventy (70) week qualification period. Progress will be determined by the apprentice's ability to perform previously learned work skills. During the seventy (70) week qualification period, the following will occur:1. The apprentice will enroll and successfully complete the Diesel Mechanic Program with a credited facility.2. The Company will receive progress reports from the credited facility3. The apprentice will work with a journeyman maintenance employee.4. The apprentice will be required to document work skills.In the first two (2) years of the apprenticeship program, the apprentice must successfully complete all courses of study with a credited facility in the Diesel Mechanic Program and attend other courses, such as Carrier and Thermo King School, as designated by the Company. Courses must be taken on the apprentice's own time.The apprentice must maintain a minimum of a passing or "B" grade on all courses at all times from a credited facility. If a passing or "B" grade is not maintained, the apprentice will be disqualified. The company will only reimburse for courses that a passing or "B" grade is maintained. The reimbursement will occur upon the successful completion of the program.The pay scale will start at $20.30/hr. If continued progress is being made, the apprentice will receive a $0.25/hr increase every (6) six months.The apprentice will not be put in a regular mechanic position during the period of his/her apprenticeship.AE Dairy is an Equal Opportunity Employer.